Silverstream Subdivision

This coupled with a drive to be a major contributor to New Zealand’s civil and building construction industry – we are delivering development excellence within the market place through experience, flexibility and innovation.

 Through developing strategic partnerships with stakeholders and businesses, we work from initial project development through to the desired outcome. Devcorp is also able to work by providing a combination of individual services dependant on the needs required.


$60 million


Time Frame

Commenced 2012 – End 2022


West Kaiapoi, Waimakariri District, Canterbury


Residential and Commercial Subdivision

Our Capabilities


We provide Project management, strategy/feasability & quantity surveying of projects.

Architechure & Engineering

We work on land acquisition, planning/consent & engineering design of projects.

Construction & Compliance

We work with clients on civil construction, builidng construction, also exit and compliance.